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Robert Burbatt was born into a non-Christian home.  It wasn't until his sophomore year in high school that his father was saved, delivered and transformed. It was after seeing the power of God bring deliverance and restoration to family members that Robert surrendered his life to Jesus.

In 1990 he moved to Southern California to attend Spirit Life Bible College.  Immediately after graduation, Robert and a team left for East Malaysia where he co-pastored a Filipino congregation for a year and a half.  In addition, he traveled throughout Malaysia preaching and teaching itinerantly.

In 1999, Robert spent six months with a mission’s team in Nepal. He along with team members conducted training seminars for pastors and leaders throughout Nepal. Rather than having a few come to a centralized bible-training center, it was more effective to bring the bible-training seminars to pastors and church leaders. 

While in the Philippines in 2001, Robert was an instructor and missions director in a bible college. He also taught an hourly radio-teaching program that was effective as it unknowingly reached pastors and leaders in tribal areas of eastern Mindanao. Through the broadcast, doors opened in these tribal regions for the students to preach in churches, conduct training seminars, and hold evangelistic crusades in the town center, in which many signs and wonders occurred. 

In the summer of 2002, Robert returned to the states and married Wendy Lewis. In 2004 both returned to the Philippines to teach in the Bible College as well as teach short term in a bible school established in the tribal area of Mindanao. In 2005 they traveled to Mongolia to teach in a Bible college on a short term basis and continued to minister throughout Southeast Asia. 

Currently for the last 8 years Robert and his wife Wendy have been  the Lead Pastors for Freedom House Church in Santa Cruz, CA.  Most recently they have founded Freedom House Church Internship, FHCI, providing ministerial training.

Rev. Robert Burbatt

Exec. Council Member