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A Brief History


One of the most significant developments in recent Christianity is the appearance of many pentecostal denominations throughout the world during the past century. Beginning in the United States and spreading rapidly to most nations of the world, they now comprise a major “third force” in Christendom whose phenomenal growth has commanded the attention of the world. 
One of the first groups to designate itself officially as a member of the pentecostal movement was the Pentecostal Holiness Church. With roots in the midwestern and southeastern United States, the Pentecostal Holiness Church has played a significant role within the movement from the beginning.

The character of the church is to be seen in its name, which places it astride two major revival movements: the holiness revival of the late nineteenth century, and the pentecostal revival of the twentieth century. As its distinctive contribution to contemporary Christianity, this church has attempted to preserve the Wesleyan tradition, while perpetuating the pentecostal tradition.

The fundamental faith of the church is that God’s power to redeem man and society is resident in Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, who sent the Holy Spirit into the world as the Agent of salvation. It is this faith-that God’s power is directly available to everyone to save, cleanse, empower, and heal-that gave the Pentecostal Holiness Church its birth.

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  3. Behind the scenes
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Our Core Values

Pacific Western Network Ministries consists of 45 churches and around 150 ministers in an area that includes Northern California, Nevada and Utah. We are developing a strong commitment to training and raising up pastors, evangelists, missionaries, praise and worship leaders, youth leaders, children’s ministers and other ministries that compliment the body of Christ

Pacific Western Network Ministry’s Mission:

                 Acts 17: 28 which says, “in Him we live and move and have our being


According to Ed Stetzer in Planting Missional Churches, living Missionally means “actually doing mission right where you are…adopting the posture of a missionary, learning and adapting to the culture around you while remaining biblically sound. [p. 19] We need to live within and reach our culture without being absorbed by it.  We need to move our congregations to understand the world’s language, to engage our communities, and to welcome unbelievers.

 Move Back to Biblical Beliefs

 As we live missionally, we must also strengthen our hold on the core beliefs of our faith.  If we have a firm grasp on sound biblical doctrine, we can encounter different cultures without being swayed or confused by them. 

Paul understood his audience and adapted his presentation, but clung to the nonnegotiable truth of the gospel message.  Our method can change to fit the context, but our message cannot!

    * We must affirm that the God of the Bible is the creator and king of the universe.

    *We must explain that we have rebelled against God and are subject to his judgment.

    *We must proclaim that the crucified and risen Jesus offers salvation to the repentant, believing heart.

      These beliefs must be anchored in a thorough knowledge of Scripture.  An intimate knowledge of the Bible protects us from adopting unscriptural worldviews or being discouraged by the difficulties of life in a fallen world.


 We have been doing church for a long time.  It’s time to step up and be  the church. For us, Christianity must not be about church attendance and programs alone but about a daily relationship with a just, gracious, and loving Savior.  That daily relationship with Christ transforms us from the inside out.

 “Being authentic” means that our lives reflect our beliefs


Building a committed team of pastors, ministers and churches to impact and penetrate California, Nevada and Utah with the love of Jesus Christ.

· Maintaining a unity of purpose throughout the conference

· Building and sustaining strong relationships among the conference constituency

· Pursuing the excellence of ministry in all kingdom endeavors

· Commitment to training and equipping leadership for ministry

· Helping our pastors and ministers to discover and develop their spiritual gifts


· Team Ministry

· Ministerial Training

· Church Growth and Revitalization

· Church Planting

Our Strategy

Live Missionally

Our Vision