International Pentecostal Holiness Church

GROW positive relationships and provide opportunities for discipleship

GO send women to be released into their gifting and to make disciples

Women's Ministries

GATHER women of all ages and cultures through fellowship and service

Pacific Western Network Ministries



Nicole Hammond

Director of Women's Ministries

Pacific Western Network Ministries

Mission Statement

Gather - Grow - Go

This organization is known as Women’s Ministries (WM) of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC).  It is a ministry to and for women, which functions on the local and conference level in full support of the vision and goals of church leadership.

The purpose of WM is to be an extension of the local church.  Our goal is to equip and empower leaders to have a fresh, forward-thinking ministry to and for women of all ages and cultures in the local church and community. 

Our Vision

Changed Women Changing Lives

Considering what God has done in each of our lives, we should endeavor to be a light to everyone around us and be intentional in developing meaningful relationships with women.   Our hope is to make an impact in the hearts and minds of women around us.  We want to connect all generations so we are more effective; we need them and they need us.  We’re better together!

Our goal is that every lady would find her place in Women’s Ministries.  Our desire is to encourage every woman to discover who they are, what gifts they have, and what their purpose is.  When this happens, they will operate in their strengths and live with passion, finding considerable opportunities for service and discipleship! We believe in women—their effectiveness in ministry, their influence in the home, and their power in the workplace and community. 


Strategic Goals:

(Romans 12)

1. Spiritual transformation and growth

2.  Excellence and effectiveness in ministry

3.  Optimum involvement in service