A Full Member Church

A full member conference church is one that has at least 25 people, including at least 20 adults, is capable of self-government, is not dependent on the conference for financial or other support, conforms with the International Pentecostal holiness church standards, and is set in order and approved by the Pacific Western Conference of the IPHC.

An Affiliate Church

An affiliate church is an established church that wishes to consider becoming a full member church within the Pacific Western Network Ministries.  This affiliation is limited to one year so that the affiliate church and the conference can make a determination on taking the next step.
After one year the church must decide whether to join the conference as a Full Member Church or withdraw their fellowship from the conference.
With either an Affiliate church or a Full Member Church the pastor must be willing to be licensed or ordained by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.
The first step for a prospective church to move towards Conference affiliation is to consult with a PWNM board member or the PWNM bishop.  Upon submitting to the PWNM office written verification of the church's intent to pursue conference affiliation, the request will be placed on the next agenda of the PWNM Executive Board of Directors.
Upon approval, the pastor will be informed to work with the conference officials to schedule an inaugural service.  The church will submit a completed application and the appropriate paperwork which will be signed and forwarded to the denominational headquarters.

Church Type Mission

To be considered a Church Type Mission, the church must be meeting in one location and have at least twelve or more persons, including at least eight adults, representing at least three different families.  The group may then be designated a Church Type Mission (CTM) by the conference Bishop.
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