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International Pentecostal Holiness Church

I am excited about representing PacWest and missions.  IPHC is currently in 103 out of the 257 countries in the world.  Incredible as that statement sounds that means that we are absent from more than half the countries in the world.
As our mission field is as close as right outside our doors as well as around the world, we are always working at balancing our efforts.  We can't ignore the world while we reach our community, neither can we go and preach the gospel around the world without going into our own neighborhood.  There has been a saying that is prevalent when it comes to missions, "Some go, some send."  I think a truer statement would be, "Everyone goes, everyone sends."  Just because we may not be called to nations does not excuse us from doing our part in going.  Your mission field may be the street you live on but it is just as viable a mission field as any continent or country.  We are all called to go and we are all called to give to spread the good news.
We each have a "piece of the puzzle" and together we make the whole picture that God has designed.  Let us each do our part with joy and gladness.
Blessings to you!!


Missionaries from Pacific Western Conference:


Larry and Debbie Mininger ,
PO Box 6026, Tallinn, Estonia


Sabu Abraham
Ranny, Thottamon, Kerala 689672, India


 Albert and Jiep Gonzales
 310-878 Mubanpinchalearn Songprapa Rd, Don Muang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand


Greg Terry

PO Box 388, Greenville, PA  16125



World Missions

Rev. Benjamin Waldrum

Director of World Missions

Pacific Western Network Ministries