For years, PacWest has had a CEU program.  The program amounted to being awarded CEU's at a conference event or maybe the completion of reading a book.  But to my knowledge, the why, how and what of a CEU program has never been made clear. 

 I brought a plan to our conference council to really define this program.  If we are going to do it (we are mandated by the IPHC Manuel to do it), then it should be clear and there should be reasons defined for such a program. 

 I strongly believe that pastors and ministers who serve congregations must be lifelong learners.  Besides being lifelong learners, we owe it to our congregations to stay spiritually healthy.  Have you heard that an organization will grow no larger than its "lid"?  Pastors/Ministers, you are that lid.  Our churches must grow.  The conference must grow.  We are Called to Plant & Destined to Grow! 

 Our Lord wants His kingdom to be expanded where we are and one of the ways to do that is to grow as leaders.  As leaders we must continue to improve our spiritual and professional skills and really make sure that we are growing.  An active CEU program will cultivate a culture where growth in discipleship is expected.  I plan on being a lifelong learner and a good CEU program will assist in this process.

Bishop Stan Reynolds


Continuing Education CEU

Pacific Western Network Ministries

International Pentecostal Holiness Church